Jukka Nykänen

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”Nykänen is a blend of Liberace, Tatum and Horowitz. He plays light music, jazz and classical music all with great taste, style, ideal technique and sophisticated sound.”

Helsingin Sanomat 2.7.2001

“Pianist Jukka Nykänen was a perfect virtuoso also as a commentator. Quick-witted, intelligent, sophisticated, getting to the point, competent - all without being arrogant or snobbish. Bravo!”

Rondo Magazine 2016

”A virtuoso in the 19th century grand style”

Kangasalan Sanomat 5.4.2016

”His respectable piano skills, incredible velocity and fine mastering of sound were appealing.”

Kouvolan sanomat 21.11.2014

”Jukka Nykänen was an excellent choice for soloist. A Gershwin player must master the classical music technique as well as jazz rhythms and style. Nykänen has it all."

Helsingin sanomat 21.3.2013

”On top of being a musician of great technical skill and versatile expression, Nykänen is a multitalented entertainer whose amazing escapades strongly anchor to knowledge of history and style.”

Hufvudstadsbladet 5.12.2012

”He is a great entertainer whose analytical character, sense of humour, relaxedness and creativity work in any repertoire.”

Yle.fi 1.11.2012

”On his recording the remarkably gifted pianist Jukka Nykänen offers arrangements that sweeps the listeners off their feet in the way of Vladimir Horowitz and György Cziffra.”

Helsingin Sanomat 1.11.2007

”The concert was labelled with magnificent pianism and the art of arrangement.”

Helsingin sanomat 17.3.2006

”Jukka Nykänen is an exceptional talent with unusual versatility. Not only is he a fantastic pianist in any repertoire, but also a divine improviser and a highly competent arranger and composer.”

Hufvudstadsbladet 1.7.2001